“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.” – Alan Wilson Watts

Isn’t it amazing? Despite all the odds, we are currently making a connection. Can you even begin to imagine the chain of events that has led to this very moment in time, all the things that had to go right for this moment to occur? Approximately 13.8 billion years ago, something amazing happened and our universe was created (if you swing that way, of course). And in the time since, we’ve had the fortune of our sun being formed and it being just the right size, at just the right temperature. Our solar system coming together, the perfect playground for the construction our planet: this little blue dot in zipping through cosmos we call home. The perfect ecosystem that has slowly evolved, just the right environment for the first organisms to appear (crazy how these single celled bad-asses kick-started everything, isn’t it?). Each and every single one of us came from these first, primitive little wigglers, battling slowly through the eons into all the glorious complications we see around us today. All the trees, the flowers, the grass, weeds. The animals, the beasts, the birds, lizards and fish. The insects; the worms, the spiders, the butterflies. And then there’s us.

Think of every generation that has preceded us, all the consciousnesses that came before. They felt the same we do, perceiving the world the same as us. They ARE us, but of a different time and place. They have all felt pain of this world, the harshness of its reality, the sadness of defeat. But through it all they have triumphed and know the joys of love,  felt proud at the accomplishments of their children, and has experienced the wisdom that comes with old age. We hold a lineage stretching to the very beginning of the universe; we, the children of stardust, are the winners in this cosmic adventure through time. In each of us is a unique perspective of the world. A perspective so singular, it is its own reality. We experience the world from a lens unique to us,  and no one other than yourself has the ability to witness the world like you do. In effect we are our own universe. And against all odds, here you are. Through the chaos and randomness of your life, you find yourself at this moment in time connecting with another universe, another fresh perspective.

It’s been a pleasure, you special person. Everything had to align perfectly for this moment to be, and here we are, having a moment. I believe every connection we make, regardless of size or depth, is infinitely amazing, purely because of the chain of events that led us here.  Anyone that happens upon this, YOU are my Dream Reader. 🙂


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