Sunday Indulgence: Chocolate Fried Chicken

Ah Sundays~ a day of rest and relaxation. Its the day of the week to let loose and do something out of the ordinary. I’ve been wanting to go try a new restaurant in Downtown LA for a while now, and finally got a friend to go with me: ChocoChicken, a contemporary take on fried chicken that serves chocolate fried chicken.

I ordered the 2 thigh, 2 sides combo and it came with 2 of their chocolate fried (organic) chicken. For the sides I decided to go with the duck fat fries and the white chocolate mashed potatoes. Chocolate Fried Chicken: I was curious the first time I read about it. You may think its a gimmick: fried chicken covered in a chocolate sauce, maybe. In truth it tastes (and looks) nothing like that:

Chocolate Fried Chicken with sides

The chocolate is used as seasoning, providing a slight sweetness to the batter. The crust was crunchy and the meat was juicy and tender (looovely~~) It is an interesting combination, and it is definitely worth a try. The fries were fried in duck-fat with chocolate seasoning sprinkled on top (like the chicken). The mashed potatoes were creamy and buttery but I could not pinpoint the white chocolate. As mashes go though, I really liked this one. The combo came with 3 sauces, a chocolate ketchup (works so well with the fries), miso ranch (didn’t like it, flavors didn’t work with the rest of the food) and Bee Sting, a spiced honey sauce (could have used a little more kick but I still enjoyed its flavor).

All in all it was a good experience, and I’d definitely take friends here just to try it out. Personally though, nothing beats Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles 😀


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