TDP Daily Prompt: Good Tidings

Good Tidings: Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

“Man, you’re only 14 years old, that’s pretty damn crazy dude. You’ve still got so much stuff to experience, to learn. You know that skateboard you wanted to do? Fuck man, its the most fun we’re ever gonna have, stick with it dude. By now my ankles are so tight and messed up from basketball its just not as easy. Maybe you’d have better luck haha And sketching dude. fucking skeeeetch. that’s still the weakest part of my technical skills, and its definitely worth the time to get that leveled up man. I’d say work harder overall, but that’s just not us, is it? Always looking for the easiest way of doing things so we can get back to having fun.

You’re gonna meet some amazing people along the way, but you already know the one person that will change you the most. You haven’t reconnected with her yet, and the first time you do it’ll be awkward as hell, but she’ll grow on you. It’ll still take you guys another few years to really click. Know that she’s always had a crush on you. Kinda cool to think about, isnt it? The girls you’ve got a thing for now? You don’t even talk to them anymore, but unknowingly there’s a girl out there, that you haven’t seen since you were eight years old, that still thinks about you. Man she’s awesome, and you’re totally gonna screw it up but was it worth it. She’ll push you to places you haven’t gone before. She’ll open up new worlds to you. Seriously, its the most fun, the most rewarding and the most challenging thing you will ever do.

Oh you’re gonna love this too. Marvel starts making their own movies which are all freaking awesome. Dude the games man. I’m so glad you decided to step into building PCs last year, because that’s something we still do. You know that Batman film you’re looking forward to next year? That’s amazing and you’ll start following Nolan’s work. Man, I can’t wait until you see Inception &Interstellar! I’m jealous of you man, you can still experience things for the first time. Don’t stop cooking, its therapeutic. Be in the moment, its your natural place to be. Start meditating because that really helps you grow as a person. Learn coding too. That C++ for Dummies book you’re going to get? Stick through it. That’s something I regret not doing. Keep shooting that basketball too, that sports gets you through some tough times. Linkin Park is still awesome. OMG you’re about to go to your first LP concert!! Man you’re gonna love it. Here check out some music from 2014:

Dude you have so much to look forward to, its gonna be fun. There’s gonna be tough times, sure, but we’re still surviving so it’s not all bad. Just remember, know yourself, trust yourself and believe in yourself, man. It’ll all turn out alright. Or not, who knows haha”


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