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Sunday Indulgence: Chocolate Fried Chicken

Ah Sundays~ a day of rest and relaxation. Its the day of the week to let loose and do something out of the ordinary. I’ve been wanting to go try a new restaurant in Downtown LA for a while now, and finally got a friend to go with me: ChocoChicken, a contemporary take on fried chicken that serves chocolate fried chicken.

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A little informal introduction

who I am & why ‘m here

I’m Steve, and am a student currently studying in the US (born and raised in Hong Kong, though). Throughout the past year I have been going through some things personally and in the process have realized that I needed more happiness and positivity in my life. This led me to read books such as the Power of Now (by Eckhart Tolle), to meditation, to the general maintenance of my mental health. I have discovered that the little things add up; inspirational quotes, beautiful images, and eye-opening videos all contribute to our feelings of happiness.


Happiness is contagious, and I want to share what I can with you, so you can in turn affect those around you. Mental well-being was not a concern of mine, and I’d like to share with you the things I’ve learned and my continued journey into a more Positive Attitude (Positivatude!!) So basically anything that would hopefully put a grin on your face 🙂