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Quieting the Internal Obnoxious

“Oh think of all the people that would be there…” “You’re not ready for this exam, you still don’t know X, Y and Z…” “This drawing isn’t up to par…and there’s no time to fix it…” We all have that voice in our heads, that obnoxious commentator who is a constant critic of our every actions. If I had a big day ahead, the ideal situation would be that I’m 100% prepared for the day, I’ve mentally fortified myself and have accepted my emotions.

This just isn’t enough at times though, so what else would I do?

Physical Exertion

Physical exercises is a great way of being present and processing emotions. A late run at night, just out on the courts shooting buckets, skateboarding; these are all activities that clears my head very well. The combination of concentrating on physical movements and having to be in control of my muscles put my mind at rest, allowing me to process my thoughts more clearly. It is a form of meditation, and it works wonders.


In moments where I want some peace and quiet, I turn to Classical music. Beethoven is a favorite, and Bach’s Air ‘On The G String’ is also a go-to. For a more contemporary approach, Jason Mraz’s new album, Yes! is also a great album to listen: it is mellow, whimsical and a great way to sit back and relax.